There are around 22 species of birds of prey within the British Isles - sme of these species are summer migrants to our shores and we also have some more unusual visitors from time to time.

Most people have always held birds of prey in high regard; they have played an important role in our culture and society through a variety of different means. They are top predators and therefore are very easily affected by any change in their individual environments. For years this predatory sense was embraced by man and used to put food on the table but by the mid 19th century, with the introduction of more accurate guns, birds of prey lost favour.

Law now heavily protects them, but persecution on certain species still happens to this date. Thousands of acres of rainforest are felled each year and this can have a critical impact on a huge variety of animals, including raptors.

Here at Peckforton Castle we aim to raise awareness about birds of prey conservation, both on a national and international stage through the work we do with our captive bred raptors.

Our collection ranges from owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles which can be found by day weathering on the Castle lawns. We also pride ourselves on having a variety of British species as our main aims are education and conservation.