Imagine the scene – mighty birds of prey weathering across the magnificent lawns of Peckforton Castle. Owls, hawks, falcons and eagles – all predators at the very top of their evolutionary food chain. This is your chance to come face to face with the finest collection of falconry in the country. 


Maximum Participants: 6 People

Session Duration: 1 and 1/2 Hours

Price: £50.00 Per Person

The perfect setting to enter the world of birds of prey.

On arrival you will be greeted by one of the falconers who will give you a quick guide around our collection of birds. You will then be given a glove and shown how to fly the birds to your very own fist.

During your time with us you will get the opportunity to fly a range of different species ranging from our collection of owls, hawks, buzzards, kites and falcons.

From start to finish you will be in the thick of the action whilst the falconer guides and educates you in all aspects of the raptor world.


Age Limit: 16 and over

Maximum Participants: 2 People

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Price: £110.00 Per Person

In just one hour, you get up close and personal with this most impressive raptor species.

You will have a brief handling session with one of the smaller species while you perfect the manner in which we work the birds to your gloved hand.

Then the real excitement begins with the introduction of one of our magnificent golden eagles, followed by the unique opportunity to have the eagle fly to your glove in the superb settings of the Castle grounds.

The falconer is always on hand to assist and guide you through your fantastic experience and answer any questions you may have.


Age range: 4 years and upwards

Session duration: 1 hour

Price: £115.00

The whole family can experience the thrill of having a bird of prey flying to their gloved hand. Spend an hour with us at the Castle and enjoy some of the birds from our magnificent collection.

We can normally incorporate three birds into the session and can accommodate children as young as 4 years, where we will use smaller species, so they don’t feel too overwhelmed.

The encounter is based on 2 adults and 2 children but more can be added for a small additional fee.