This is your opportunity to handle and fly majestic birds of prey in a traditional falconry setting. From the weatherings on the lawn to the woodlands that surround us here at Peckforton Castle, join us on a journey through the world of falconry. Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles are just some of the magnificent raptors we have to offer – all predators at the very top of their evolutionary food chain. This is your chance to come face to face with one of the finest collection of birds of prey in the country, and take flight. 


Age range: 5 -12yrs (Adult supervision required)

Maximum participants: 5 Children

Session Duration: 1/2 hour

Price: £20.00 per child


This encounter has been specifically created for children under 12 to partake in the art of raptor husbandry. Under the expert eye of our professional falconers, children get to handle some of our smaller species of bird of prey.

Once the encounter has been completed the children will receive a complimentary certificate in recognition of their participation making them an honorary falconer.


Age Limit: 16 years and over

Session duration and price: 
5 day intensive £525
3 day intensive £425
10 x 1 hour sessions £375


The LANTRA, Beginning Falconry Award is proudly the newest addition to our list of experiences here at Peckforton Castle. Aimed at those wishing to take up Falconry for themselves,  this award sets a recognised standard in keeping a Birds of Prey and is the only national award currently available that is endorsed by the Hawk board.

This award covers all aspects of Birds of Prey management and husbandry from the early stages of training right through to flying a bird on the creance to the fist. With it being divided up into two main ‘units’ and conducted over 5 days, it is an easy step by step process in which you will be guided by one of our professional and certified Falconers.   

In addition there is the option of extending the award through the completion of unit 3 which covers flying a Bird of Prey free from the first. This is at an additional cost of £75 for one extra day on the course.

Whether or not you are new to falconry or as experienced as they come, this award will ensure that you are qualified to meet a set of nationally recognised standards and aid you in becoming an expert falconer.

For any further information or a copy of the detailed itinerary please contact us at falconry@peckforton.co.uk or call 01829260930 to discuss any specific requirements and to arrange suitable dates.

Please note that Peckforton Castle reserve the right to adjust or change this itinerary based on participant ability. The intensive course is a private encounter however group sessions can be organised at the discretion of the participants.