Wedding Open Evening

Monday 12th October and Monday 9th November 6pm - 9pm. Come along to our open evening where you will be able to view all of our beautiful function rooms dressed for a wedding, meet with our wedding coordinators to discuss your ideas for the big day with sparkling wine and canapes! We look forward to seeing you there.


Bestow a romantic touch to your wedding with our birds

Delivery of Rings

One of our beautiful owls will fly down the aisle to the best man – just as the ceremony reaches this crucial moment.

Your guests will be amazed as he slowly raises his arm to the owl gliding gracefully down the centre of the room. Watch their smiles as the ring bag is unclipped from the owl's leg and it returns back to its handler and then disappears from view.

Price from: £150.00

Be rare and exotic with a flying display

Have our magnificent Golden Eagle meet your wedding guests as they arrive at the Castle. Once the ceremony has finished, entertain your wedding party with a fantastic bird of prey flying display.

In that difficult time to fill between drinks and the wedding breakfast, our falconers can amuse your guests with an informative yet entertaining demonstration of our flying team. We can also provide a chance for the happy couple to have their photograph taken with some of our birds.

Price from: £300.00

All About Love - White Dove Wedding Release

White doves are a recognised symbols of peace and harmony so what could be more special than releasing two as part of your wedding celebration?

Our beautiful doves are the perfect addition to any wedding celebration. For many years it has been traditional to release two doves, to symbolise the married couple and the eternal companionship of their lifelong bond to each other.

Doves pair for life and the image of them flying together into the sky brings immediate thoughts of love, peace, beauty and new beginnings together. It is a breathtaking sight that brings extra meaning to your wedding experience.

Alternatively you and your partner can open a beautiful white wicker basket containing 10 snow-white doves to fill the sky as they take flight from the Castle lawn. The doves then flock together and head home in unity, adding romance, fantasy and fun to your very memorable day.

Doves in cages either side of the Great Hall for guests to see upon arrival, plus the release of two doves for the bride and groom - £150.

Two birds in cages at the entrance for guests to see upon arrival, then the release of 10 doves from a basket - £200.