Peckforton Castle - Meetings & Events - Corporate Activities


We can offer a broad range of activities to keep your business guests enjoying their time at Peckforton Castle.

We can offer activities where skills are matched against each other (such as archery or laser clay shooting) to traditional team building challenges such as bridge building and abseiling. For those who want something less physically demanding, we have our unique Chocolate Challenge as well as the Peckforton Puzzler. Some of our corporate activities include:

  • Archery - historically used for hunting and combat, archery is an art that demonstrates skill and strength.
  • Air Rifle Shooting - if you have a keen eye and an even steadier finger, then time at our air rifle range will definitely be your idea of fun
  • Laser Clays - clays are fired into the air from a traditional trap, with guests aiming to hit them with our converted laser shotguns and a couple of sound effects to match, with scores relayed back to our computer.
  • Trebuchets - were the largest and most prolific siege weapons of medieval castle warfare, and now here’s your chance to build one. Battling head to head teams must build a 2 metre high trebuchet using diagrams and pictures provided with a little instructor assistance. After swapping rocks and fireballs for water balloons you will aim for marked targets in order to score valuable points.

Click here to download our corporate activities brochure.

Leisure time at Peckforton Castle doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. The magnificent grounds lend themselves to a wide range of interesting and challenging things to do.

Please speak to us about what you want to achieve and we’ll help you experience the best of what the Castle can offer.


We pride ourselves in being able to offer our conference organisers and delegates that little bit extra. Whatever you are looking for - activity days, entertainment, event themes, team building and audio-visual solutions we understand, advise and exceed your expectations.

Shared experiences, developing new working relationships, promoting intelligent risk taking and improving communications – just some of the outcomes you’ll be looking for when holding a team building event for your employees.