The castle was taken over by a sea of blue as the Warrington Wolves’ first team players and coaches prepared for a day full of activities and fun. The team had no problem taking on the off-road terrain of the Cheshire countryside as they completed a Land Rover Experience day.

We had the chance to ask Tyrone Roberts how he felt about the experience, ‘It was scary, not so much when I was a passenger more so when I was actually driving. There were a couple of points when I was driving and the instructor was getting me to go on two wheels, I could just feel that I wasn’t breathing and felt quite tense holding on the steering wheel. But it was a great experience something I have always wanted to do, something that I would like to come back and do it for a bit longer’.

While half of the team were enjoying the Land Rover Experience the other half plucked up the courage to abseil from one of the castle turrets. Each player took the turn to venture up the tower stairs towards the jump point and one by one they sailed down the 70 foot wall.  Stefan Ratchford shared his thoughts about the abseiling, ‘when you are looking up it doesn’t look too high, when you get over the top and get the gear on it is really good, it is defiantly something I would do again.’

The weather did not stop the team from showing off their new kit, as they braved the elements to share a photo with the competition winners Mr and Mrs Bloomer. Even our Managing Director, Chris Naylor and his son got in on the action.

The day continued by welcoming representatives of local and national newspapers, radio and television to speak to the players at the castle. Our Great Hall was buzzing with excitement as the players shared their enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Overall the Warrington Wolves’ media day was a great triumph, with plenty of activities and entertainment for all. The Naylor family and everyone here at Peckforton Castle would like to wish the Warrington Wolves a successful season, and hope to welcome them back soon.

Veniam aut

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